Hˇlaskjˇl is located by the northern Fjallabakslei­, about 35 km from the national road.



Hólaskjól is located by the northern Fjallabaksleið, about 35 km from the national road. About 23 km west from Kikrjubæjarklaustur you have to drive road number 208 through Skaftártunga. Just below the farm Búland you will have to make a turn and drive the road F208. During the summer you can drive the road with almost any car because there are no unbridged rivers in the way. From Landmannalaugar to Hólaskjól is about 37 km if you drive road F208, the northern Fjallabaksleið. The route is very beautiful but the rivers and streams are only for cars with a four-wheel drive.

Gps coordinates: 63° 54,459'N, 18° 36,259'W (ISN93: 519.426, 378.284).


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Route 10/10a og 11/11a
Reykjavík -  Eldgjá (Hólaskjól) - Skaftafell - Eldgjá (Hólaskjól) - Reykjavík


Hólaskjól-Highland Center, Eldgjá   Hólaskjól-Higlandcenter
880 Kirkjubæjarklaustur 

Phone: +354 855 5812 
Phone: +354 855 5813 

E-mail   holaskjol@holaskjol.com

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