Prices for holaskjol



Prices 2018


Sleeping bag accommodation in  mountain lodge:

Adults 6.800 ISK
12 years and younger 3.400 ISK

Sleeping bag accommodation in a log cabin with bunk-beds for 4-5 persons. Cabins have inside toilet,  gas stove, utensils for cooking and eating and cold running water.

Pr night in cabin 27.500 ISK
Cleaning fee (not optional) 7.500 ISK
Bed linen pr person 2.000 ISK


Adults 1.600 ISK
12 years and younger 450 ISK
Use of cooking and eating facilities for guests 600 ISK
Shower:  500 ISK
Area for each horse 360 ISK
Hayroll (ca. 500 kg) Reasonable price

Transport of luggage Reasonable price

 Angling rights in river Ófæra pr day, pr rod.

 2.500 ISK

Langisjór lake:

House by Langisjór lake with angling rights  41.000 ISK
(Sleeping accommodation for 4-6 people)  

Photos from Langisjór lake.



Hólaskjól-Highland Center, Eldgjá   Hólaskjól-Higlandcenter
880 Kirkjubæjarklaustur 

Phone: +354 855 5812 
Phone: +354 855 5813 


Where are we?

Eldgja, Holaskjol hálendismiðstöðClick here or on the map to see the location of Hólaskjól.

Travel information

Instructions on how to reach Holaskjol-Highland Center, Eldgja   Need instructions on how to reach us? Click here.